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Early season snow

The Alps have seen some major early snowfall this week and this has got us thinking about all things snow-related. People always want to know what conditions are going to be like, but is there any way of accurately predicting snowfall at this early stage? Surely it can only be a good thing that it’s falling from the skies in October but should we be digging out our super-wide powder skis yet?

Simply one really knows! Predicting the weather in the long-term is a tricky subject even for experienced meteorologists so it’s not for us to make any guarantees. However, after carrying out some in-depth research it seems that unfortunately early season snow doesn’t guarantee good conditions later on in the season.

For example: last year some resorts still hadn’t seen a single flake by December and the predictable talk of global warming was on most people’s lips. Then Val d’Isere recorded over 4 metres of snowfall in a single month That’s more than double the amount of the whole previous winter, which was itself a particularly lean year in terms of snow.

So, people will always keep asking and we’ll all continue to guess, but there’s no real way of knowing if it’s going to be a good year this early on. We here at Snowbus are keeping the faith anyway and we’re sure it’s going to be another bumper winter season. Now where did my I put my snow shovel?