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Snowbus Shared Transfer Resort Pick-up Locations Now on Google Maps

Here at Snowbus we’re constantly trying to improve our service and make everything as smooth as possible for our passengers. Where we feel that something isn’t quite right we genuinely do everything possible to rectify it as soon as possible.

One example of this is the shared transfer pick-up locations in each resort, and the maps that we provide to our customers. In previous years we felt that the best thing would be to mark the location of our pick-ups on the resort maps that are handed out for free around each town and village. Unfortunately we realised that this produced something that wasn’t as clear as possible due to the quality and clarity of the resort maps we were given.

For this new season though we have produced a Google map for each shared transfer bus stop in every resort we work in. These maps can be accessed easily through our individual Resort Information Pages. The benefits are that Snowbus passengers can now see exactly where they should be waiting on a detailed map of each resort. Secondarily, it is now also possible to be directed exactly to that location using a mobile phone along with Google maps. 

We’re hopeful that this will eradicate any issues or confusion about exactly where each pick-up is, and will make our passenger’s journey even smoother than ever before.

Google maps are accessible at the bottom of each individual resort’s information page, which can be found here: