Airport to Resort Swap

New & Improved Services

Here at Snowbus we're always striving to give our passengers the best possible transfer experience. We like to think that we do that pretty well, but there’s always room for improvement of course. This season we’ll be keeping our core concepts of comfortable, low-cost shared transfers but we’ll be making a few changes to make our services even better:

  • The first major change is that we are now operating a full Saturday shared transfer service from Grenoble airport as well as our Geneva airport buses.  These transfers will provide the most straightforward route possible to Tignes, Val d’Isere, Les Arcs, Val Thorens, and La Plagne. With prices starting at £56.50 per person this represents a great additional transfer option for those flying in to Grenoble.
  • Unfortunately we have seen some major airlines pull their flights from Chambery airport in 2016. This has led us to the difficult decision to remove our Chambery shared transfers this year. We will still operate a private taxi service for any passengers arriving in to Chambery though.
  • The upside of this change to Chambery though is that all Geneva buses will now go directly between the ski resorts and airports with no unnecessary stops. We realise that (although it was en-route) a stop at Chambery was frustrating for those clients going to Geneva airport and so we are happy to make things as direct as possible.
  • At busier times of the day we will now have separate buses picking up in Val d’Isere and Tignes villages. This means that Val d’Isere passengers no longer have to journey back up to Tignes (at the busiest times) and saves on journey time for those people.
  • We will also have more staff available, both in the airport and in the office during transfer days. This means that should there be a need to get in touch with us it should be easier than ever before.
  • With Christmas falling on the weekend this year we have added more cheap shared transfers around the holidays. This means that if you are travelling before and after Christmas we will have plenty of options to allow you to travel to your ski resort cheaply with Snowbus (more details to come on this in our next blog).


So that’s just a few of the things that we’re doing to make sure this winter season is better than ever before.  If there is anything we can do for you, or if you have any questions about the travel options with us please don’t hesitate to get in touch…