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Winter X Games Gets Canned

As many of you will already have seen, ESPN have taken the regrettable decision to cancel both winter and summer X Games competitions in Europe and South America this year. Unfortunately it seems that operating the games in other countries left everyone involved spread too thinly to operate on a commercial level. The events never really took off as a global superbrand in the way the American ones did, and with sponsors getting cold feet it seemed the only decision was to pull it.

Being based in Tignes ourselves in recent winter months this is a major blow as X Games presented a focal point later on in the season for visitors and locals alike. That first Wednesday of the competition always produced hundreds of cars and buses crammed into Val Claret and you couldn’t deny there was always a great party atmosphere.  

The local economy may suffer the effects of this decision, but not too much I think. Although a big event with big sponsorship and big prestige, let’s remember that it’s still only 3 days out of what promises to be another epic Tignes season. They also retain The Brits for the second year running, and The Danish Champs which give just as big a financial boost to local bars and hotels. And they’ve got the early season Varsity visit, the annual Royal Navy championships, and an SFR Tour stage to boot.  

You know what...Tignes might not even miss the X Games this year. The guys over at Whitelines magazine even make a half decent case for the event not coming to Europe this year.  

So are we bitter? Well maybe just a little bit! But while Aspen takes in the travelling circus of pros and the best they have to offer in triple-cork superpipe madness; us Tignes-ites will just have to settle for riding another uncrowded piste or untouched powder run!  Maybe you'd still like to join us?!